The new SARTORY BILLARD range summarizes the first chapter of our brand’s story and clearly captures our overall direction: a watchmaking craft, where the hand of artisan leaves its distinctive touch in the creation of the watch.  In our world, which is driven by the demand for productivity, we take the opposite view: the use of time to do well.


2500€ incl. E.U. VAT
2500US$ excl. VAT

Blue titanium

3200€ incl. E.U. VAT
3200US$ excl. VAT

 “craftsmanship”, “by hand” … what does this mean exactly?  This means that our cases are made in Switzerland by family companies. This means that a pair of hands made by hand from a sheet of steel can require several hours of effort .. and as much for the indexes of the dial. It means that we create unique pieces that you will never find the equivalent of in industrial productions. The meteorite which is 4 billion years old. Polished and flame-blued titanium as rare as it is difficult to achieve. Mother-of-pearl, damask and all the variations to come … Ultimately, it means that the watch is assembled and regulated patiently and that the sum of these operations can take more than two days.

 Take your time with your SARTORY BILLARD

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