SARTORY BILLARD was founded with the ambition to produce custom, custom-made, truly unique watches.

Sartory-Billard is a watchmaking house born from the shared passion of two friends. In 2015, on the eve of their respective 40 years, instead of soliciting friends and family for the purchase of a beautiful watch, they put themselves in the lead to make one, theirs.

In a few months of work, across the Franche-Comté region, Ludovic Sartory and Armand Billard meet the artisans needed to design and build their watch in France.

These two automatic watches with Swiss movement, unique pieces, selfish test, seduce fans of watchmaking once unveiled. This gives birth to a company producing a small series of high-end watches (the model SB01) sold in dozens of copies in France, Morocco, Belgium and Singapore.

In 2017 Sartory-Billard unveils its second model SB02, general public, more accessible (650 €), always an automatic movement and assembled in Franche-Comté and labeled Made in France.

In 2019 Sartory-Billard completes its offer with dedicated bespoke models to meet customer demand. (SB03 and SB04)

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