“Craft”, “hand-made”, “artisan”.  These are phrases that get thrown around by these days At Sartory Billard it means rolling up our sleeves and offering something different. The use of titanium, meteorite, mother of pearl (to name a few) for a dial is not a typical or obvious choice.  The manufacturing tolerances are unforgiving, but the results are worth al of the effort. The parts we supply are made to our specific design, and not an “off the shelf” solution. The watch hands and indexes are an in-house effort.  Each part cut from a sheet of steel, shaped and polished to every client’s requirement.  “Take your time” with SARTORY BILLARD 

We use incredible materials for our dials. Our most famous is of course titanium. Highly polished and then flame heated, we offer them in various colors such as purple, burgundy, blue… We also use meteorite, mother of pearl, various stones or metal types and we are equipped to polish, brush or satin the material to create your own very specific watch face. You name it, we do it.

Indexes help you to read time in a more precise way. And there are many ways to create this part of the dial. As we create our indexes in our workshop, cutting them out of a stainless steel metal plate we are free to create the one you wish for your dial. 12 indexes, minute rail track, with or without “luminova”, minimalistic or even none, indexes are a design keypoint in a wrist watch.

Hands are made in our workshop from a stainless steel plate and can be created in various design shapes and filled in with “luminova” if you wish a visible by night watch. Hands can be polished, brushed, blued by heat or painted. Together with the indexes the hands design create the unique style of your SB04 watch.

Hand tube is the small and technical part of the hand that connect it to the mouvement. Because we do this parts in house, this gives us the liberty to work on different dials materials and therefor thickness as this tube is adapted on every watch we create.

We use a Swiss automatic movement named STP 3-13, which has 26 jewels and a blued swan neck, made by Swiss Technology Production. It provides more of 40h of power reserve and we created this special fluted 360° ring made out of titanium which comes in a color matching the dial of our watch.

Back case and buckle engraving are small details but because we made your very own and personal bespoke watch, why not have it engraved with your initials, a quote or a drawing ?

Case and crowns are made by a family company in Switzerland, it’s not a “off the shelve” overseas product like a majority of the production today. It allows us to create some very small special production even piece unique, using a different materials or finishes. So far we made cases in stainless steel, titanium, brass… what will come next ?

My name is Armand Billard and I am the founder and owner of SARTORY BILLARD. I have been a industrial designer for nearly two decades and founded the brand in 2015 when holding back the passion was unbearable.
My goal is to create bespoke watches for collectors and enthusiasts.
I am sure that I offer much more personal and unique watches than major brands can at this price point.
I deeply believe in the richness of the creative process between the watch creator and his client.
Contact me and we will talk about your next watch.

There are several ways to get in touch with Armand Billard, which one do you prefer ? Messenger / WhatsApp or email ?

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