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When we created the Sartory Billard SB02, our goal was to not just create one watch, but to create one watch with limitless possibilities!  With our our interchangeable bezel system, you can have as many different looks as we have bezels.  But then we thought, why should we have all the fun?

We decided that an open source design would allow fans of the SB02 to design and create their own one of a kind bezels.  So here is your opportunity!  What color or material do you think would make the ultimate Sartory Billard bezel?  Would it be acetate, ceramic, maybe even wood?  Well, we want to see your brilliant ideas – and so do thousands of other Sartory Billard fans and owners!

Are you an artist?  Maybe a carpenter?  Perhaps you are an amateur 3D printer, a sculptor, or simply a romantic like the rest of us! Test your creativity and know-how.
Download the 3D model of the SB02 bezel and bring your vision to life. Play with the design, innovate on our template with new and different materials, colors and textures.  The only design requirement?  It has to be mountable to our Sartory Billard SB02 ; )

And we wanted to go one better: if your final product is truly special,  we will proudly incorporate it in our collection!

Write to us by using the Contact page.  We are looking forward to hearing from you!


Here are the first examples of open source achievements: a woven carbon bezel with a more rounded overall shape and a larger bezel (42mm) made with 3D printing.


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