SB04 Meteorite

SB04 Meteorite

2 880  TTC

From outer space. This specific dial is made from a years old meteorite. It has to be cut so thin it is less than half a millimeter, then polished. The result : a unique, incredible pattern and color that you can only find with this material and process.
All the watch is hand made, dial / indexes / hands been crafted in France by Armand Billard, case been made by craftsman in Switzerland.

Hand crafted meteorite dial.
Hand crafted stainless steel indexes and hands.
Hand crafted stainless steel case
40 mm diameter
11 mm thickness.
Automatic Swiss movement, 26 jewels, 4Hz. (STP 3/13)
Sapphire box glass on dial side, mineral glass on back case.
Delivery around 6 weeks.

If you want to customize the design, like different hands, bezel, strap or personal detail engraved, please clic here :


2333€ excl. VAT for non E.U. customers
2800€ incl. E.U VAT for E.U. customers