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The new SARTORY BILLARD range summarizes the first chapter of our brand’s story and clearly captures our overall direction: a watchmaking craft, where the hand of artisan leaves its distinctive touch in the creation of the watch.  In our world, which is driven by the demand for productivity, we take the opposite view: the use of time to do well.

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Automatic watch designed and assembled in France.  

The case is made and “finished” (polishing, satin finishing, etc.) in Switzerland.  The watch hands are created by us from a 0.2mm stainless steel sheet, requiring 3 to 4 hours to complete (depending on the finish), we then add the dial indexes, made by us in hours. 

Hands and indexes can be adapted to your request according to your design.

We create unique dials that you will never find in an industrial series.

  • meteorite
  • polished and flame colored titanium (gold / burgundy / purple / blue)
  • rare stones (malachite, onyx, mother-of-pearl …)
  • damascus steel
  • all your ideas are studied, write to

Automatic Swiss movement, 26 jewels, 4Hz.
316L steel case.
Width 40mm out of crown.
Thickness 11 mm.
Sapphire crystal front and back
Time of realization 6 weeks approximately. 

“Craft”, “hand-made”, “artisan”.  These are phrases that get thrown around by pretty much every watch brand these days But what does that even mean anymore?  At Sartory Billard it means rolling up our sleeves and offering something different.   

The dial isquite literally, the “face” of the watch.  And just as no two people have the same face, no two dials in the SB04 are exactly the same.  We offer two different dial variations – titanium and meteorite.   

Our titanium dials are created for us by very talented suppliers in France and Switzerland to our specific requirements.  The use of titanium for a dial is not a typical or obvious choice.  The manufacturing tolerances are unforgiving, but the results are worth al of the effort.  Following a painstaking process to create the dial itself, each one is flame blued by hand.  One moment too long, and the dial is ruined.  The result?  A one of a kind time keeper, unlike any other.   

Our meteorite dial is crafted with the same painstaking care.  The use of meteorite for the production of watch dials is somewhat rare, owing to the manufacturing challenges that they present.  The rich patterns and individual variations occur naturally in meteorite, once again assuring that your SB04 will be unique with no two being exactly alike 

We receive the dials as “blanks” and then finish them by hand in our workshop with indices and chapter rings of our own creation.  The watch hands are also an in-house effort.  Each hand cut from a sheet of steel, shaped and polished in a process that can take several hours of work. 
Making a whole watch requires 2 ½ day of patient and passionate work. 

We partner with family firms in Switzerland for our cases.  These are made to our specific design, and not an “off the shelf” solution.  We prefer to work with these smaller firms as it ensures quality control over every element of the SB04. 

We then assemble each SB04 in our workshop, by hand, one at a time. 

“Take your time” with SARTORY BILLARD 

A change towards watchmaking craftsmanship 

Born in 2015 the brand is recognized today for the model SB02. With removable bezels and quick-attach straps, the SARTORY BILLARD SB02 are real, customizable automatic watches that you can change in just a few moments.

In 2019, a change of direction towards watchmaking craftsmanship. For 4 years I have confronted my designs with the watchmaking craftsmen and I discovered their extraordinary know-how. With the years, creating parts myself, with my hands, has become an emergency if not an absolute necessity as a therapy. The SARTORY BILLARD SB04 is born from this.

As some paint or compose, creating and assembling watch parts with my hands is a means of expression.

The benevolence of the passionate and a touch of obstinacy from me, opened the doors of the craftsmen (case makers, makers of hands and dials, anglers …) from whom I learned to understand and repeat the gesture.

When I had in hand my first pair of hands cut from a sheet of raw steel and I realized that it was up to me to polish, to bomber, to mount the tubes and to assemble them on the movement it was like facing a blank canvas … and then I started.

I am self-educated and learning is wonderful when the goal is “doing well”.

I thank the professionals of this extraordinary world of watchmaking, who far from hiding their knowledge under lead screeds are quick to teach and transmit. I have today found my way of expression in this area and I will continue to learn and create with heart and passion …  taking my time.

Armand Billard


2500€ incl. E.U. VAT
2500US$ excl. VAT

Blue titanium

3200€ incl. E.U. VAT
3200US$ excl. VAT

Purple titanium

3200€ incl. E.U. VAT
3200US$ excl. VAT

Burgundy titanium

3200€ incl. E.U. VAT
3200US$ excl. VAT

Mother or pearl or other stone

starts 2500€ incl. E.U. VAT
starts 2500US$ excl. VAT

Damascus steel or other material

starts 2500€ incl. E.U. VAT
starts 2500US$ excl. VAT