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You deserve a bespoke watch. From the design phase to the assembly of your watch through the production of parts, I invite you to a unique journey and experience.
Armand Billard

Welcome on our web site.
All the watches displayed here below are bespoke hand made projects.
Let them be inspirations for you next watch.

"the SB04 incorporates several hand-made parts... As a result, the watch punches above its price class in terms of looks, particularly in the details of the dial and case."
SJX / Singapore

This unique salmon color dial is mesmerising. An absolute classic with a contemporary approach in besboke watchmaking.

« This is the kind of watch where you can literally feel the passion and pain that went into creating each and every part. »
The Horophile

"I love feeling a connection to the craftsmen who produce works of art like this and Sartory Billard absolutely delivered."
Michael J. Biercuk / Australia

A monochromatic beauty where titanium and stainless steel offer their best variations. The blue sweeping second hand gives the extra touch of uniqueness.

Choose the meteorite dial that will end up in the watch. This part is billions years old, it's a piece of eternity on the wrist.

"Seeing each step implemented is part of the wonderful bespoke experience with Sartory Billard"
Richard / New York

"The SB04 meteorite has become my favourite daily watch. Incredible look and perfect readability on a billion years old dial."
Nicolas / Paris