Join me on a bespoke watchmaking journey, where we’ll bring your vision to life through the production of our carefully crafted parts, culminating in the final assembly of your one-of-a-kind timepiece.


Armand Billard

Our vision

“Craft”, “hand made”, “artisan”. These are phrases that get thrown around by these days.
At SARTORY BILLARD it means rolling up our sleeves and offering something crafted with passion.

“Hand made watch” doesn’t mean we don’t use technology. Laser, CNC, lathe, drill, milling machine, microscope are daily tools used in our workshop or our subcontractor’s.

SB04s (37mm)

The SARTORY-BILLARD “SB04s” is an exquisite timepiece that offers a refined and extended experience for those seeking a smaller and thinner wristwatch option. As the 37mm variation of our popular model, the 40mm SB04, it caters specifically to individuals with slimmer wrists who value both style and comfort. Contrary to the common notion that smaller versions of products are downgrades, the SB04s is in no way inferior to its larger counterpart. It carries all the exceptional qualities and meticulous craftsmanship that define our brand.

SB04 (40mm)

The SARTORY BILLARD “SB04” range clearly captures our overall direction: a watchmaking craft, where the hand of an artisan leaves its distinctive touch in the creation of the watch. In our world, which is driven by the demand for productivity, I take the opposite view: the use of time to do well. “Craftsmanship”, “by hand”… what does this mean exactly?  This means that our cases are made in Switzerland by family companies. This means that all details of the watch are made in my French workshop. It means that I create unique pieces that you will never find the equivalent of in industrial productions.


SARTORY BILLARD makes really personal watches. And customization has really driven the evolution of the brand, offering our customers the possibility to bring their design ideas to life.

SARTORY BILLARD promotes the subcontractors because they are the foundations of the watchmaking industry. It also helps dispel the myth of the “all in house” watch. It sounds great, but apart from a very small handful of brands, it is just that – a myth created for marketing purposes. Owing to this, I am absolutely thrilled to announce that the technical development and assembly of the SB05 range is conducted by Comblemine and the case is made by Voutailinen & Cattin SA.


Unveiling the SB06 series, Sartory-Billard leaps forward with bespoke flying tourbillon watches, introducing our first in house SBTV01 caliber. These timepieces represent not just an advancement in complexity but a commitment to the brand’s core values of exclusivity and personalization. Discover the SB06-12 and SB06-24 Flying tourbillons.


The SB07 sports watch was inspired by a desire to create a versatile timepiece that could be worn in a wide range of settings and activities. Responding to increasing demand for functional and fashionable sports watches, we saw a place for a high-end watch that combined durability and functionality with sleek, sophisticated style. This new sports watch represents a departure from the previous dress watch models, offering a stylish yet functional option for active individuals.


Introducing the Sartory Billard SB08, a horological masterpiece that combines a jump hour and minute complication with a flying tourbillon. The SB08 boasts a meticulously designed and manufactured in-house mechanical movement by Sartory Billard. Experience the quintessence of luxury and precision with the SB08.

Discover our bespoke watches and nourish your imagination to create your own unique timepiece.

Discover our bespoke watches and nourish your imagination to create your own unique timepiece.


I am a designer first and foremost. But what I love most is to reveal the creativity of my customers. As an autodidact and with the help of some kind and patient craftsmen, I have been learning the art and craft of making watches. Offering the possibility to bring their design ideas to life is why watch collectors have been coming to me more and more. I have no marketing budget, no « friends of the brand ». SARTORY BILLARD brand ambassadors are something completely different in today’s watch world – they are satisfied customers. Creating a SARTORY BILLARD watch is an experience where the only catalog is your imagination and your creativity.


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