About CronotempVs

CronotempVs is a private watch collector club founded in 2009. CronotempVs was created with the intent to create a bridge between watchmaker and collectors. Since 2010 the private club CronotempVs has itself participated in numerous projects with
commercial and independent brands. Membership is by invitation only.

From Exclusive Collaboration to General Collection

In the summer of 2021, Sartory-Billard embarked on a pivotal journey in watchmaking when approached by the Cronotempvs Watch Club. The club’s request was for a flying tourbillon that would embody the distinctive DNA of Sartory-Billard. What initially
seemed like a straightforward selection of a standard movement rapidly transformed into a quest to develop Sartory-Billard’s first in-house movement.

This 2.5-year journey saw Armand Billard collaborating closely with the Cronotempvs group. Together, they crafted the design, developed the movement with the technical experts and watchmakers at Comblemine, and pushed the boundaries with innovative features like sapphire bridges and intricate details. This process challenged
Comblemine, numerous suppliers and part makers to realize a design that was both
ambitious and finely detailed.

The culmination of these efforts was the delivery of a limited subscription series of 30
SB06-12 tourbillons to CronotempVs collectors on December 2, 2023.

This accomplishment has now enabled Sartory-Billard to introduce a flying tourbillon
into its regular collection.