SB04 & SB04s Cartography Watchmakers United Edition

About Watchmakers United

Watchmakers United by Luxogood is a unique shop dedicated exclusively to independent watchmakers. This pioneering platform showcases a curated selection of timepieces that represent the pinnacle of creativity and craftsmanship in the world of horology. It serves as a vibrant community for watch enthusiasts to connect directly with artisans, celebrating the stories, diversity, and artistry behind each creation.

Watchmakers United is more than just a retail space; it’s a movement towards authenticity and transparency in the watch industry. Here, customers can explore handcrafted watches that go beyond conventional design, each piece telling its own tale of innovation and passion. This shop not only highlights independent talents but also fosters genuine relationships between makers and connoisseurs, making it a hallmark of modern and bespoke horology.

Geneva Tribute

In a creative collaboration, Sartory Billard joins forces with Watchmakers United to honor Geneva’s rich watchmaking heritage with the SB04 and SB04s. These limited-edition watches feature a laser-etched dial showcasing Geneva’s iconic cityscape, celebrating the city’s enduring influence in horology.

Crafted with precision, the SB04 series encapsulates Sartory Billard’s commitment to combining artistic flair with meticulous craftsmanship. Each timepiece not only pays tribute to Geneva but also exemplifies the brand’s dedication to unique, bespoke designs.

Make Your Own

Customize your watch with a map dial that is uniquely yours. Choose any location in the world, zoom in to your preferred scale, and we’ll craft a watch dial that captures the essence of your chosen spot.

Whether it’s the city you were born in, your favorite travel destination, or a place you dream of visiting, make your timepiece as personal as your journey.

Start designing today!

SB04 Cartography Edition