Unveiling the SB06 series, Sartory-Billard leaps forward with bespoke flying tourbillon watches, introducing our first proprietary SBTV01 caliber, crafted with meticulous precision by Comblemine. These timepieces represent not just an advancement in complexity but a commitment to the brand’s core values of exclusivity and personalization.


In the summer of 2021, Sartory-Billard embarked on a pivotal journey in watchmaking when approached by the Cronotempvs Watch Club. The club’s request was for a flying tourbillon that would embody the distinctive DNA of Sartory-Billard. What initially seemed like a straightforward selection of a standard movement rapidly transformed into a quest to develop Sartory-Billard’s first in-house movement.

This 2.5-year journey saw Armand Billard collaborating closely with the Cronotempvs group. Together, they crafted the design, developed the movement with the technical experts and watchmakers at Comblemine, and pushed the boundaries with innovative features like sapphire bridges and intricate details. This process challenged Comblemine, numerous suppliers and part makers to realize a design that was both ambitious and finely detailed.

The culmination of these efforts was the delivery of a limited subscription series of 30 SB06-12 tourbillons to CronotempVs collectors on December 2, 2023. 

This accomplishment has now enabled Sartory-Billard to introduce a flying tourbillon into its regular collection.

12 hours

This new Sartory-Billard model is available in both 12-hour and 24-hour formats, each offering a unique experience.
The SB06-12 model echoes the classic watch aesthetic with a Havana tremblage dial, complemented by rose gold hands, marrying the tradition of timekeeping with the sophistication of modern design.

24 hours

Innovatively designed, the SB06-24 transforms the passage of time with a unique 24-hour mechanism.

With an additional gear module fitted under the dial of the SB06-24 reference, the hour hand runs two times slower and therefore makes only one unique rotation per day. To read the time on the scale, use the sun symbol for daytime hours, and the moon symbol for nighttime hours. Each symbol covers a twelve hour period in a continuous loop.

On the ‘La Nuit’ version use the minute hand to read the minutes as usual.

REFERENCES : SB06-24H (only double ended hour hand) / SB06-24HM (double ended hour hand + minute hand)

Le Jour – La Nuit

An eloquent representation of time

‘Le Jour’ is showcased here with a single-hand design that exclusively displays the hours, providing a more poetic approach to timekeeping. Each hour is subdivided with five markers, each representing a span of 10 minutes.

The ‘La Nuit’ model has an additional minute hand and a minute track that goes around the aventurine dial. The center dial of the watch showcases a unique moon with an extraordinary story of craftsmanship. The engraving is based on altimeter measurements from NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter with a scale factor for diameter at 1:155 million and for height at 1:70 million. The topography of the moon is reproduced to a depth of 200 µm with a total engraving of 445 µm depth on a convex-shaped dial surface showcasing an incredible level of detail and dedication to authenticity.

REFERENCES : SB06-12 (classical hour and minute hands) / SB06-24H (only double ended hour hand) / SB06-24HM (double ended hour hand + minute hand)


At the heart of these timepieces is Sartory-Billard’s first in-house movement, the SBTV01.

It features an almost invisible top bridge crafted from sapphire that requires skill in handling, revealing detail and giving light and depth to the movement and its unique customizable guilloché base plate. Together with the two arched bridges this movement design allows a maximum of visibility. Embracing the essence of true “Haute Horlogerie”, every component, even those unseen without disassembly, undergoes meticulous finishings like black polished screws, polished chatons, sinked holes and columns. The bevelling and inward angles of the arched bridges and tourbillon cage are executed by none other than Philippe Narbel. An absolute reference in high-end movement finishings.


Operating at 3Hz with a 96-hour power reserve, this manual winding caliber ensures enduring precision. Its construction includes a sapphire top bridge for an unobstructed view and an additional gear module unique to the 24-hour model.


The finishing touch on the SB06 is a display of exceptional skill by Manufactor SA, guided by the renowned Philippe Narbel. Each watch is crafted to a high standard, with each part – whether polished, beveled, or given a black polish – designed to stand out with a remarkable shine and precision that draws the eye.

Take a deeper look

If there is one element that makes Sartory-Billard instantly recognizable, it is unquestionably its hands. Manufactured out of 2 parts for the SB06-12, one sandblasted and the other polished, they are unique in every way. The SB06-24 features a 5 parts hour hand with a central sandblasted part, two spears, the sun made of solid gold and the moon filled in with luminova. The design and properties of these hands ensure legibility even in poorly lit conditions.


Crafted by Voutilainen & Cattin company for Sartory-Billard and available in platinum, gold, tantalum, steel or titanium, each piece boasts a 41mm diameter with the thinnest possible construction for optimal proportions. The metal case is 9.5mm only and the curved and short lugs are designed to suit various wrist sizes. The double domed sapphire glass on the case back enhances the movement’s visibility while adding elegance and visually making the watch considerably thinner.


The SB06 is eligible for our customary bespoke Sartory-Billard program. 

At Sartory-Billard, we consider watch dials with utmost seriousness, as they serve as a crucial element in conveying and embodying your design vision for a timepiece. They feature options like tremblage, machine or hand Guilloche by Comblemine, stone from Groh&Ripp, enamels, and craftsman art like maki-e etc. 

Numbers are pad printed on a sapphire disk floating above the minute dial and can be adapted to different font styles like Bréguet, Roman, Indian Arabic etc.

The movement offers a unique customizable base plate, that can be sandblasted, circular grained or guilloché in a wide arrays of colors.

Technical Specifications

SBT01 in house movement, featuring 96-hour power reserve (4 days), 3Hz frequency, 19 jewels, and 209 components. The total diameter of the movement is 32.6mm.


Double domed sapphire for the front and back with anti reflective treatment.

Water Resistance

Up to 50 meters.

Case dimensions

41mm in diameter, 47mm lug-to-lug, and 9.5mm in height (metal).


Lug Width


Material options

Case is available in Steel, Titanium, Gold, Platinum and Tantalum.


Sartory-Billard watches are fully customizable based on your choice of materials and details. As we collaborate on the design of your watch, I will provide you with information on the associated budget.

SB06-12: Priced at 88,000€ (excluding VAT), available in titanium or steel.
SB06-24: Priced at 96,000€ (excluding VAT), available in titanium, steel, gold, or platinum.

REFERENCES : SB06-12 (classical hour and minute hands) / SB06-24H (only double ended hour hand) / SB06-24HM (double ended hour hand + minute hand)

Limited to 24 units of SB06-12 or SB06-24 per year. Delivery starts from 8 months, subject to adaptation based on bespoke requests for the watch.

The prices mentioned here do not include Value Added Tax (VAT). VAT is a consumption tax that varies by location. In the USA, it ranges from 0% to 7% based on the state, is 5% in the UAE, 0% in Qatar, 7% in Switzerland, 7% in Singapore, and 0% in Hong Kong. European countries typically have around a 20% VAT rate. For European customers, Sartory-Billard invoices will have VAT included. For customers in other countries, DHL, FedEx, and UPS will collect the applicable VAT before delivering the watch. The price includes delivery with transport insurance.