SB07 Ghost Grail Watch Edition

About Grail Watch

Revolution Media is one of the leading titles in the watch industry, covering groundbreaking technical watchmaking, new launches, vintage collections and everything in between.

Wei Koh, journalist by trade and watch nerd by heart, launched the magazine in 2005, which has since evolved into a multi-media, omni-channel platform with international editions around the world — Revolution Asia, Australia, Latin America, Mexico and USA, celebrating the machine with a heartbeat.

In 2022, Wei Koh founded Grail Watch with the goal of collaborating with the best independent brands, micro-brands and artisans to release some of the most ambitious, imaginative and coolest limited edition timepieces around. These are the most exciting and creative types of watchmakers out there, and Grail Watch was created to champion them and communicate their unique appeal to the world. 

Ghost Protocol

Grail Watch 11: Sartory Billard SB07 “Ghost” is part of a series of design collaborations between Grail Watch and Sartory Billard, culminating in this visually stunning limited edition timepiece. The SB07 “Ghost” features an integrated bracelet sports watch with a full-mirror finish, transforming it into both a timepiece and a piece of art. Limited to just 15 pieces, this watch is a radical reinterpretation of Sartory Billard’s designs, sporting a complete mirror-polished surface from its case and dial to its bracelet. This striking design not only reflects its surroundings but also highlights the watch’s sleek architecture, making it a unique and bold statement in modern horology.

This exclusive edition follows a history of mirrored designs, inspired by Sartory Billard’s earlier models and expanded upon by industry innovators such as Bulgari. The SB07 “Ghost” is meticulously crafted, featuring microblasted notches on the bezel that complement its mirror-polished finish, creating a compelling visual contrast that enhances the watch’s design. It is built to perform, with a 100-meter water resistance and a robust La Joux-Perret automatic G100 movement, which offers a 68-hour power reserve. Each component, including the super-luminous hands and indices, is finished to perfection, ensuring that the SB07 “Ghost” is not only an artistic masterpiece but also a top-performing sports watch.