SB07 GMT Italia Edition

About GMT Italia

GMT – Great Masters of Time stands as a beacon for aficionados of independent haute horlogerie in Italy, dedicated to showcasing the artistry and innovative mechanics of non-traditional watchmaking.

Its commitment to the extraordinary places it at the forefront of Italy’s luxury industry, becoming synonymous with independent and modern haute horlogerie.

Known for its unique approach to select and display timepieces, GMT is celebrated for handling unique pieces that defy convention, solidifying its status as a leader in the luxury and independent watchmaking sector.

Independent at Soul

The collaboration between GMT – Great Masters of Time and Sartory Billard on the SB07 GMT Milano Edition is a testament to the shared vision and independent spirit that underpins both entities.

This partnership highlights GMT’s mission to emphasize the excellence of unconventional watchmaking, while also showcasing Sartory Billard’s dedication to creating watches that reflect the unique history and personality of their owner.

Founded on mutual respect, passion, and friendship, this creative endeavor stems from a deep appreciation of independence in the craft of watchmaking, leading to a timepiece that embodies the pinnacle of personalized luxury, innovative design, and high craftsmanship.