SB07 Maki-e

Designed for Versatility and Style

Sartory Billard and Martin Pulli are thrilled to announce the launch of the SB07 Maki-e. This limited edition sports watch blends durability with sophisticated style, tailored to meet the needs of active and style-conscious individuals.

The SB07 sports watch was born from the desire to create a timepiece that adapts to both active lifestyles and elegant settings. It is built to endure, with features suited for various environments—whether you’re attending a business meeting or exploring the outdoors. The watch represents a shift from our previous dress watch models, offering a blend of sophistication and practicality.

Kosetsu (Tatsuya Todo): Master of Maki-e

The Maki-e dial of the SB07 is crafted by the esteemed master artisan Kosetsu (Tatsuya Todo). Kosetsu is renowned for his mastery of the traditional Japanese art of Maki-e. This intricate hand painting technique involves applying lacquer in various layers, often with metal dust, to create a unique dimensionality.

Maki-e is an art that requires extensive experience to master. Kosetsu is a certified traditional craftsman, having apprenticed with Maki-e masters Kiichi Ikeda (of Kanazawa) and Masonori Omote (of Kaga). His works have been selected for many competitive exhibitions and have received major awards.

The Maki-e dials of our SB07 incorporate the shimmering qualities of mother-of-pearl to create stunning, iridescent patterns. Each dial is a unique artwork, reflecting the artisan’s dedication to his craft.

About Martin Pulli

Martin Pulli is distinguished in the world of horology for his keen selection of watches and jewelry. At his Philadelphia-based showroom, Martin Pulli handpicks only the finest brands, focusing on those with low annual production volumes that emphasize niche, market-specific offerings. His collection features both established brands and uniquely independent watchmakers, reflecting his appreciation for mechanical art and personal craftsmanship.

Martin Pulli fosters close relationships with these creators, viewing their work as expressions of their individual experiences and aesthetic visions. This philosophy positions Martin Pulli at the forefront of offering an exciting, innovative, and deeply personal horological experience to collectors and enthusiasts alike.


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